I’m starting a children’s clothing line.
This is the documentation, the journal, the grand experiment.

Mar 8 2013
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to market to market (as a guest)

Exciting weekend, at least for me.  Tomorrow I visit Playtime NYC and Sunday ENK Children’s Club.  I’ve been to plenty of conferences and expos before, but never in this industry, and never one that’s quite as entrenched in the process of company business as these markets are.

Happily my moo cards arrived yesterday and look pretty good.  So I’ve got two sets of cards now, one for illustration and one for this site and endeavor.  I also have flagrantly pink (magenta? fuschia? something along those lines) hair again, having redone it so I wouldn’t be all sadly mixed dusty rose and mouse brown walking around NYC.

(I lived in NYC – Brooklyn really – for over ten years.  I rarely get back, though we do miss the city, and despite living only a couple of hours away.)

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