I’m starting a children’s clothing line.
This is the documentation, the journal, the grand experiment.

About Porridge Kids

Right now, Porridge Kids is me: Katie Lukas.

I’m at the very start of this road, and I figure that along the way I’ll try to write about the kinds of things I wish I’d known ahead of time.

There are some great resources out there, certainly, but coming from outside the fashion/apparel industry, a lot of this can feel somewhat opaque.  I’ve started businesses before, and I’ve worked in some seriously complicated industries and niches.  I’ve even done some work with supply-chain management, albeit not in textiles or apparel.  And even given those circumstances, some of this can feel a little daunting.

It came down to this: why not document this process?  I know I would have loved to read the real stories of other companies getting off the ground, so I guess I might as well write one while it’s happening.

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