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Steps in the process

I’m the kind of person that’s always working on fifty things at once.  For a long time I considered that a character flaw, and I strove to overcome it and just focus on one main thing.  It didn’t work. Over the years I came to accept that this is simply how I am, and to figure that somewhere in my subconscious maybe there is a purpose to all the multitasking.  In fact, one of my strengths has always been that of synthesis; combining the many and various threads of my life and my past into a common narrative.

So – as usual, I’m tackling a multitude of steps at once, at least when possible.  Certainly there are times when it is simply impossible to force the cart to ride before the horse.

Right now I’m trying to plan the project plan and I’ve started work on a number of drawings/sketches.  Coming up with ideas is the easy part.  In the past I’ve had a hard time settling on an aesthetic for the visual work I’ve done, but in working towards these clothing designs that has not been a problem at all, which I’m taking to be a good sign, a sign that I’m heading in the right direction, at least on a personal level.

The project plan is the tricky part, at least for me. I’ll share it here once I have more together, but I’m afraid that I’m too familiar with the kind of project plan I know all too well (the kind for developing a website or software project) and not at all familiar with the kind Fasanella describes in her book.


I’m starting to do real legwork towards starting a line of children’s clothing.  This new blog represents a part of that – I’m planning to jot down what I’m doing, researching, and working on.

Right now I’ve been reading the inimitable Kathleen Fasanella’s book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing, which is highly educational. I am cautiously optimistic that some of the service providers will be more connected than they were when the book was originally written, but from what I read on her forums, I have many, many phone calls in my future.

I’m still at the stage where I have more questions than answers.  It’s not hard for me to come up with (plenty of) ideas for clothing.  There is a lot in front of me about how exactly to make those ideas into salable garments that manage to represent what I’m after.

A first example: I would definitely love to have some custom textiles in the mix.  I think the best way to go about this is going to be to digitally print, probably/possibly on fabric I supply.  At least one of the concepts I want to do would have to be printed in that fashion, though other ideas could just as easily be screen printed.  Perhaps I will wind up hand-printing some of the yardage; with the screen print I am considering, that would not be too onerous (one color, no fussiness in the repeat.)

But there just aren’t that many digital printers in the US, especially not once one realizes that I am after knits, and certainly not within a reasonable price range.  So what I may wind up doing is making up the samples with something like a Spoonflower and seeing how they go.  That’s a pricey option, but it seems worth it to give it a shot.

There are an awful lot of things to consider.  This blog is meant to be a bit of a digital notebook, simultaneously allowing me to note down what I’m thinking about and to become an ongoing chronicle of what this process looks like.

(Obviously I will not be revealing any trade secrets or other proprietary information from anyone I talk to; that would just be lousy business sense.)